Thanks for visiting the web site of Ohio Guns.  We are a licensed (FFL) gun dealer in the Ashtabula, Ohio area. 

Our hours are by appointment to your convenience.  Please email Daryl or call or text 440-228-0367.

WE BUY GUNS!  Individual firearms or entire collections.  We are a dealer and pay wholesale pricing only - so don't expect "top dollar".  But, if you want QUICK CASH, we perform.  Serious inquiries only, please.

WE ORDER WHATEVER YOU WANT.  We maintain very little inventory and primarily order firearms as needed by our customers.  This keeps overhead low and allows you to get exactly what you want.  We can get handguns in as little as a day or two.




FFL Transfers

  This is our transfer package that goes to your seller as of March 2013.  Check here each time in case there is a modification.

If you are purchasing a new gun from a dealer, it is worth checking with us on pricing and availability.  We may not be the very cheapest, but we will be competitive and you'll get full local dealer support on your purchase. 

Yes, we do FFL transfers.  For incoming transfers, our fee is $35 for handguns and $45 for long guns. 

These rates are good on transfers that come from other FFLs (dealers).  If it is from an individual, there is a $10 surcharge and we must communicate with the seller to get the required information, ID, and forms.  Your seller must agree to cooperate and complete and sign our FFL transfer agreement and fax or email that plus their ID before shipping. They must also provide us with the tracking number upon shipping.  If we do not have all this information when the package arrives, we will not accept delivery.

For outgoing FFL transfers, the FFL transfer fee is the same (but no surcharge for individuals).  However, there is a packaging charge of $5 for handguns and $25 for long guns.  Plus you pay the actual shipping charges.

Our services are subject to our FFL Transfer Agreement which you can read by clicking the hyperlink.

Before you buy online, we encourage you to check with us to see if we have what you need or can get it for you.




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